Daily Lies & Statistics: Whole lotta Love

How many folks playing in head-to-head leagues had their playoff series come down to the wire in a hectic 10-game NBA Sunday? Did anyone win or lose because Kevin Love had 22 rebounds? How about Beno Udrih‘s triple-double, at Cleveland no less? Brandon Jennings: where’s that been? And can we stop with this Reggie Williams nonsense?

With our collective NCAA brackets melting before our eyes, those of us who like to follow the bouncing ball were forced to turn their focus back on the players who receive their salaries over the table. It was a fantasy smorgasbord yesterday. Let’s dig in.


Kevin Love – Love’s 23-point, 22-board gem couldn’t have come at a better time for his owners battling in rebounds. For whatever reason, Love’s role has been wildly inconsistent in Minny, so there’s a chance he wasn’t even started in some weekly lineup leagues. He also added two steals, two blocks and a three. That’s a many splendored thing.

You need rebounds? Baby I'm not foolin'...

Beno Udrih – I never would have pegged a Sunday afternoon affair at Cleveland without Tyreke Evans as a game where Udrih and a few of his teammates would go off. Udrih blew up for 18 points, 10 boards and 15 assists in 48 minutes, while Jason Thompson also played the entire game and finished with a 16 & 14. If that’s not enough, Andres Nocioni had 21 points and five threes. And the Kings scored just 90 points! I love late-season fantasy lines.

Dwyane Wade – A throwback Wade masterpiece yesterday against the Raptors. D-Wade dropped a 32-7-6 with five steals and three blocks and has somehow led a putrid Miami team to a 40-34 record this season. I’m sure Kobe will get more MVP votes than Wade, and we’ll bitch about it on this blog all summer as is now becoming tradition.

Brandon Jennings – A 108-103 overtime win by the Bucks over Memphis brought fantasy riches, especially from Jennings, who us fantasy experts had pretty much given up on. But his line Sunday – 29-7-8, 4 steals, 3 threes – has him back in our good graces. Andrew Bogut bounced back from a rough couple of weeks with 18 points, 11 boards and four blocks, and John Salmons continued to make a case for Resurrected Fantasy MVP with a 25-6-6 along with two steals and two threes.

Manu Ginobili – Is there anyone in the NBA playing better right now? Ginobili was magical as the Spurs handled the Celtics easily in Boston, 94-73. Manu had 28 points and seven assists and hit all eight of his free throws.

Vince Carter – Carter left the game two minutes in with a sprained ankle and didn’t return. Sounds familiar. In his stead, J.J. Redick went for 23 points, seven boards, eight dimes and three trifectas. Carter’s never that good when healthy. Is Redick worth a pickup? Probably, as the Magic will hold Vince out so he is healthy in time to ruin Orlando’s season in the playoffs.

Reggie Williams – Williams went off against the other Reggie Williams’ former team, the Clippers, in a 121-103 win. The D-League sensation put up a 25-6-7 with two threes and would be a national sensation right now if six other Warriors hadn’t done similar things throughout the year. There was also a Ronny Turiaf sighting as he started, played 28 minutes, and finished with 13 points, eight boards, five assists, two steals and two blocks. This Warriors season should be a reality show. I’m serious. I hope they filmed it.

Good luck to everyone still playing. Here are the teams with four games this week, if you are setting your lineups: CHA, DAL, HOU, LAC, LAL, MIL, NJ, NO, NY, PHO, SA, TOR, WAS. Everyone else plays three.

One response to “Daily Lies & Statistics: Whole lotta Love

  • john

    This is my most favourite duel between the East and the West as I’m a fan of both of this team from their respective conference.
    Instant classic performance from Manu, for me this is happening during the right time of the season for him. Anyone who knows his NBA will admit that this level of confidence from him can help the Spurs to make a great run in the playoffs. He brings all the much needed energy that this Spurs has been lacking for a long time. Now we’re about to see something special from the, considering they have made a strong from the win and their previous games against Cavs. All they need to do is wait for Parker to recover and discover his best. Then maybe, 2010 might just be the Spurs year again. If not, I’ll bet it will happen in 2011.
    Truly the most memorable moment for many people must have been the block Manu made on KG. Well I will agree with the majority but that’s because in my humble opinion it was watching how the old warrior stood up bravely despite hitting hard on his back in the floor. That’s is the stuff of legend by all means.
    Please check out my post match report and let us have your comment.

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