Daily Lies & Statistics: Rose’s Rist [sic] Reinjured [sick]

It seems to be customary now whenever Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose get together, the big fella knocks the little guy out of the game. On Thursday night, just 12 minutes into the game, Rose got fouled by Howard and was sent to the locker room for the remainder of the contest. It’s never a good sign when a player falls hard on their wrist and is unable to return to action. To be fair, though, this game was over at halftime. So there was no way Rose was going to return, even if he was able to.

Two men enter! One man.. hurts his wrist.

From a fantasy perspective, none of the lines in this game are worth reading into. No starter, on either side of the ball, played more than 28 minutes. Filling in for the injured Luol Deng, however, was rookie James Johnson — just his second start of the season. Johnson had 13 points, four rebounds, three assists, three steals, and one block in 28 minutes.  If you’re desperate, we know that Deng is going to miss at least Friday night’s game. Johnson might be worth a look.

Little else going on. Let’s take a look.

Brandon Roy was toying with the Warriors. He scored 38 points in the first three quarters and finished the game with 41 points and eight rebounds. It’s like Christmas every time your star player goes up against the Warriors.

Andray Blatche got back to his double-doubling ways against the Hawks — 30 points, 10 rebounds and three steals in 35 minutes. This was his first double-double in five games. Here’s a topic of discussion: if Blatche finishes the season strong, where does he go in drafts next season?

JaVale McGee had a surprisingly effective offensive game on Thursday — 20 points on 10-of-13 shooting and nine rebounds. Unfortunately, you added him for his blocks, in which he gave you none against the Hawks.

Jamal Crawford had 29 points in 29 minutes. Or, as Kenny Smith would have you know: “a point a minute!”

Monta Ellis returned to action after missing his last six games with a sore back. His line was pretty limited — 17 points, one 3-pointer, three rebounds, and two steals — but that’s because he had to sit out the entire second quarter due to foul trouble. He ended up playing just 28 minutes before fouling out.

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