Daily Lies & Statistics: Done-leavy

The Clippers yesterday announced that they severed ties with General Manager Mike Dunleavy a little more than a month after he stepped down as head coach to focus more on the GM thing. He left behind a coaching record of 215-325 in his six-and-a-half year run. His legacy as GM is still to be determined.

You could argue Mike Dunleavy has broken more kneecaps than his doppelganger.

Back in the early 80s, when the Cippers were in San Diego, Dunleavy was a sweet-shooting, gritty backup two guard for the Houston Rockets. Guys with his kind of makeup usually become solid head coaches. Larry Brown and Scott Skiles are prime examples. But somewhere along the way, the tough kid from Brooklyn began wearing fancy suits, started looking like Tony Soprano light, and always had this air about him that he couldn’t give a flying Bird Averitt about what was going on around him.

I don’t know if I necessarily believe in a Clippers curse, but if I were Donald Sterling, I would immediately sell the team and stop torturing the few fans they have remaining… either that or purchase a Ouija board. But looking at this team for next year, the combination of a healthy Blake Griffin, Chris Kaman, Drew Gooden, Eric Gordon, the unmovable Baron Davis, another lottery pick and enough cap room to sign a big-time small forward renders them in decent enough shape to compete for a playoff spot.

Time to hire a no-nonsense, defensive-minded coach. Larry Brown anyone?


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