Daily Lies & Statistics: Trade Deadline Hangover

Forgive me if I don’t seem like my old self this morning. Anyone else try and follow the trade deadline deals and feel like you’re paying for it this morning? Here’s a quick recap and some thoughts on the “important” players who were moved.

Carl Landry: Heading to Sacramento, should get a nice bump in value. I can see this guy averaging 20 points per game as a King.

Tracy McGrady: Eventually traded to New York, should be more than just an expiring contract. Though he’ll also be a headache to own. I think owners need to lower expectations, but with that being said he should be owned in all leagues.

Kevin Martin: Houston, you have a 20 point-per-game scorer! I think Martin won’t be the Top 25 player he used to be, but he should at the very least get back on track.

John Salmons: Moved to the Bucks. I think the better news maybe for Kirk Hinrich owners. Salmons could this change of scenery as well, though we don’t know yet if Skiles will give him 30-plus minutes per game.

Tyrus Thomas: I wrote about Thomas in our roundtable yesterday and thought that a change might do him some good. The Bobcats could really use the extra body. Hopefully Gerald Wallace might inspire Thomas to play up to his natural level. I think this move makes Thomas a universal add. But then again, I just get let this guy go!

Antawn Jamison: The Scottie Pippen to Lebron JAmes’ Michael Jordan. Jamison’s value is going to take a hit with fewer shots, but maybe this will help his FG% improve.

Ronnie Brewer: Sent to the Grizzlies. I really like this move as well. The Grizz desperately need help off the bench and Brewer instantly moves into their 6th man role. He too should be added as a two-guard who can pick a ton of steals and shoot the ball efficiently.

Jared Jeffries: Still a better “real” basketball player than a fantasy one.

Hopefully there's a pot of gold at the ned of this rainbow. (Did I just call Nate Robinson a "rainbow"?)

Nate Robinson: Finally he’s out of D’Antoni’s doghouse. Robinson is still worth owning in all leagues. This will go much smoother than the Stephon Marbury move last season.

As for what took place on the court last night, it was a huge showdown between LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. James was able to better Melo on the stat-line, but it was the Nuggets who pulled off an overtime victory.

King James triple-doubled with 43 points, 13 rebounds, 15 assists, two steals and four blocks. Huge! Melo had a stellar line as well with 40 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assists and 2 steals. When you’re good, you’re good.

Mo Williams returned to action for the first time since Jan. 19. He scored just 8 points in 18 minutes, but at least it’s nice to have him back.

The Celtics and Lakers matched up, but there was one key piece missing — Kobe Bryant. Still, the Lakers hung in and ended up nearly pulling this one off (even after both teams had a horrible 4th quarter).

Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins both double-doubled for the Celtics, while Lamar Odom went for 13 and 14 for the Lakers.

Man, this was definitely one of the most active Thursday’s of the entire season. I need to take a nap!


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