Daily Lies & Statistics: Dunleavy done, but won’t leave

Ever fire yourself, only to find out after you dropped the bombshell that you really can’t get rid of yourself no matter how hard you try? That’s kind of what’s going on with the Clippers, as GM Mike Dunleavy has stepped down as head coach, but in the ultimate indignity, still plans on going to work every day in the L.A. front offices as the same GM he’s always been. That’ll be weird for his co-workers, no? If this was indeed Dunleavy’s call to step down gracefully, it was a shrewd one from a GM standpoint. He was saddled with an awful coach with a complicated roster of players who pretty much couldn’t stand him. I’m talking about him, too. It’s all the same guy.

Mike Dunleavy made a tremendous move yesterday to help the future of the franchise.

I’m confused. I need to consult with the editor version of me to see if what I’m writing makes any sense. (Checking.) The answer is “No.” But we’re writing it anyway.

The perfect summation of the Clippers.

(Editor’s Note: Here’s what happened. Dunleavy actually saw the writing on the wall and stepped down. But he’s not leaving because he’s owed a lot of money. Oh, and I’m still Jeff Andriesse writing this.)

The fantasy implications here are not that huge, unless the players get a shot of adrenaline from not having to deal with Dunleavy on a day-to-day basis. But they’ll know he’s peering at them from a luxury box, and will they even want to risk running into him at the copier?

It will be interesting to see who the Clippers hire, and if it affects their ability to be players this offseason in the free agent bonanza. Donald Sterling is probably already in talks with LeBron‘s mother.

Speaking of LeBron, he played point guard last night and delivered a virtuoso 36-7-8 in a win over Miami. The Cavs have their eyes on Antawn Jamison and Troy Murphy to give them a boost, but look pretty strong regardless despite Mo Williams and Delonte West being out. The addition of deep-shooting power forwards who can spot up for LeBron like Jamison or Murphy is a pretty scary thing to consider. Now if they could just get Shaq to stop eating on the bench.

Portland earned a nice victory over San Antonio last night, 96-93 at home (but almost blew the game, surviving a wide-open missed three by Manu Ginobili that would have tied it late). As now required of anyone who covers the NBA, I’m obligated to praise Nate McMillan for what a great job he’s done with these Blazers after all the injuries. Their star, Brandon Roy, is probably back this weekend, but Portland does need to make a move for a big man since amateur photographer Greg Oden and the vowel-deficient Joel Przybilla are out for the season.

There are 10 games on the docket tonight, and most of them suck on paper. I suppose Houston-Memphis and Chicago-Atlanta are decent matchups, and of course Denver at the Lakers. There’s a chance that Kobe Bryant might not play since he is hurting all over and needs a good excuse for his five-point outing the other night. Kobe is certainly a warrior and has a high tolerance for pain, but take a few games off for the good of the team once in a while, dude. And I own you in fantasy! Why am I saying that?


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