Daily Lies & Statistics: Jack in the Box Score

Could this really be it? Something good happening to my fantasy team?

In the weekly league I’m in with Tom and Greg (Let’s call it the “Damn League”), I’ve been stashing Jarrett Jack, who I drafted with my final pick in the 20th round. With Jose Calderon out for at least two more games and probably much longer, I’m looking around nervously while inserting Jack into my lineup. When I hit ‘submit’ will the fantasy police storm into my office and tap me in the head with a billy club? I’m definitely getting away with something here.

Jeff has found a new team logo for his squad

To wit: I drafted Lou Williams, Greg Oden, Michael Redd, Andris Biedrins, Tyrus Thomas, Yi Jianlian, Mike Miller and even Rashard Lewis, who missed the first 10 games. Every week is a new disaster. On every dribble, shot or screen I cover my eyes.

But the funny part? I’m in 2nd place (tied with Tom as of this writing; Greg is in… never mind). I have no idea how this is possible, but adding Jack to the mix has to help, right? Here is when I start chuckling under my breath at my own gumption. No good news goes unpunished. While Jack could indeed average a 19-7-7 this week, someone else will then get hurt, Calderon will come back quickly, followed by Jack becoming depressed and joining a remote cult in Bolivia or something. So the answer to my first question in this post is: Yes. To the second: I wish.

Okay, taking my doomsday prophet hat off for a minute and dissecting Sunday’s games:

Trevor Ariza was booted after throwing a punch at DeMar DeRozan. Ariza could be suspended, although he didn’t land the blow. He was 0-for-9 from the field at the time, so I might have taken a swing at someone too.

Jack is a great add in all leagues after his 17-8-8 performance in Calderon’s place Sunday. Jose will miss the next two games and probably more, and Toronto plays four times this week.

Carl Landry had another phenomenal game, scoring 25 points on 10-for-13 shooting. He’s now scored 20 or more in seven of his last 11 games. During the Damn League draft, late, I sent Tom an IM asking him to please just let me pick Landry when our picks were up later in the round (Tom was picking one before me). Before it could even get to Tom, someone else took Landry, and my sleeper pick was ruined. Of course he’s unbelievable.

The Hawks are blowing people out reguarly, including a 130-107 win over the Nets Sunday. Atlanta is deep and talented, and certainly doesn’t need Maurice Evans to be shooting 4-for-4 from three and scoring a game-high 22 points. Evans is 11-for-15 from deep in the last three games.

Zach Randolph and Mike Conley cooled off a bit for Memphis, but they weren’t needed as Rudy Gay went all Dwyane Wade on Dwyane Wade and the Heat in Miami. Gay poured in 41, none of which were needed by Greg, who is leading the Damn League in points by a wide margin.

Two more lopsided road wins I don’t feel like writing about: Spurs 115, Clippers 90 and Cavaliers 102, Thunder 89.

My sleeper for the week is Dorell Wright, who had 16 points off the bench for the Heat in 27 minutes on Sunday. Quentin Richardson is nursing a sore hamstring and could miss a few games. Wright has seen his minutes spike recently and could be a nice deep-league addition.


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