Daily Lies & Statistics: America runs on dunking

Can I interest you in the dunk of the year to start your morning? In an amazing sequence, LeBron James gets his dunk blocked by Jermaine O’Neal and Dwyane Wade one-ups the King with a slam right over a helpless Anderson Varejao:

James and Wade didn’t disappoint in their head-to-head battle last night, proving that they have few peers when it comes to a combination of physical prowess and basketball ability. Might they play together next year? If I were Wade I’d lobby for it. Why would Wade leave Miami? Why wouldn’t LeBron, or me after I write this article, want to go there?

Byron Scott was made to walk the plank for the Hornets’ struggles yesterday, a turn of events that even had Chris Paul puzzled. Things are dismal in New Orleans and Hornets fans have to harbor a sinking feeling that they are going to be wasting Paul’s prime, only to see him leave in a few years and win somewhere else.

Just two games last night, with the Cavs topping Miami 111-104 and the Lakers blowing out Phoenix, 121-102. Games of note were Michael Beasley for the Heat (24 pts, 6 reb, 2 stl), Mo Williams staying hot for Cleveland (25 pts, 5 threes) and Andrew Bynum delivering a monster stat line in his first game back from an elbow injury (26 pts, 15 reb, 3 blk, 13-18 FG).

I hate when the NBA has a team play a road game on the second of a back-to-back against a rested team. Phoenix had nothing. Now the Lakers have to go to Denver tonight? Really?

Nine other games tonight. I have my eye on the Dysfunction Bowl, Warriors at Knicks. Should be a fantasy feast.

My waiver wire tips column should be up on Yahoo! and RotoExperts later today. Here’s a quick preview of who I recommended:

Universal Pickups: Kelenna Azubuike, Toney Douglas, Brendan Haywood, Carl Landry, Kendrick Perkins, Ben Wallace

Short-Term Pickups: Al Thornton, Earl Watson

Deep League: Devin Brown, Chase Budinger, Jared Dudley, Taj Gibson, Ersan Ilyasova

Good luck this weekend to everyone’s fantasy teams.


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