Daily Lies & Statistics: Pau’s… Out… For… Day-to-Day


"Paul Gasol is out until Christmas... with a BIG FOOT injury!"

Stand-up comedian Phil Jackson told a kicker last night when he declared that Pau Gasol was out until Christmas. Then, it took Mark Jackson to calm us all down, telling us that the Joke-Master was just messin’ with us. Gasol is actually listed as day-to-day. Though, if you want to get technical, tomorrow is a day and so is Christmas day. Sooooo… We’ll see.

Anthony Randolph was a beast last night. No longer do we have to worry about whether or not he’ll get playing ti.. haha. El, Oh, El! There’s no guarantees with Don Nelson, but after Randolph had a fourth consecutive high-value game with 17 points, 13 rebounds, 3 steals and 2 blocks. If you’re in my league, drop him. If you’re not, don’t drop him.

Paul Millsap didn’t suck last night. He had 9 points and 13 rebounds, which isn’t sucky by his recent standards. Unfortunately, he did a lot of his dirty work against the Celtics second unit.

The Bobcats continue to look awful on offense. In five of their first eight games the Cats failed to score more than 81 points. Last night they had 75 against the Pistons. Charlie Villanueva had 30 points on the other side of the ball. For one night, Villanueva woke up and decided to play. Thanks for joining us, hope you’ll stick around.

Brandon Jennings matched Carmelo Anthony point-for-point last night, as each put up 32 in a surprise victory by the Bucks. It took an Andrew Bogut elbow in the chest to rile up Anthony in order for him to get going in the second half. The funny thing about Bogut stepping to Anthony was that Jennings and the rest of the Bucks seemed to want to convey to Anthony that they don’t usually hang out with Bogut — “we still cool, right?”

Greg Oden doubled up with 18 points on 8-of-10 shooting and 11 rebounds. The most impressive thing about his game last night was that he didn’t commit a single personal foul in 26 minutes. You’ll never see that happen again.

Erick Dampier owes me big time. I refused to pick him up until yesterday morning. What a d#$k. He scored one point, pulled down four rebounds and had zero blocks in his [Lorenzo’s Team] debut. A short-lived love affair to say the least.

Elton Brand is not on any of my 10 or so teams and I’m loving every minute of that decision not to draft him. He had 5 points on 0-of-6 shooting last night. Brand is no better of a fantasy player than Carl Landry.

Grizzlies point guard Marcus Williams played 30 minutes to starter Mike Conley’s 17 minutes. Uh-oh. Wasn’t Conley supposed to take advantage of Allen Iverson’s absence? I’d be worried if I were a Conley owner. He’s looked awful the past two games. No joke here.

Toney Douglas started for the Knicks over Larry Hughes last night. Douglas responded with a career-high 23 points. That’s two consecutive 20-point performances for the rook. I’m still waiting to see what D’Antoni does when Nate Robinson returns this weekend.

The Suns scored 101 points in the first three quarters to the Hornets 104 points in four quarters. Only Alando Tucker was held scoreless for Phoenix. In fairness he shot 0-for-1 in 3 minutes, while Peja Stojakovic shot 0-fo-8 in a scoreless effort in 23 minutes.


Dude is tough. Not ankle sprain tough, but tough nonetheless.

Russell Westbrook left last night’s game with a sprained ankle. Thankfully Kevin Ollie stepped in and the Thunder offense rolled right along. Oh, right, I forgot — Westbrook is a very good point guard and his injury will hurt your fantasy team and Kevin Ollie is not going to help you out at all. I just remembered that.

Chris Kaman double-doubled yet again with 20 points and 12 rebounds, but did his best Baron Davis impression shooting 9-of-26 from the floor.

The Spurs are 2-0 without Tim Duncan and Tony Parker in the lineup. Richard Jefferson was huge, scoring 29 points with 7 rebounds and 4 assists. As a Jefferson owner I am not ready for Parker and Duncan to return. Luckily for me, neither is ready for their own return.

Well that was 13 games and a few of the highlights. Forgive me for not talking about LeBron James or Chris Paul, but I think you already know what I would say if I had written about them — they’re better than Erick Dampier.

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