Weekendly Lies & Statistics: Kevin Martin? Who?

Tyreke Evans, you are free to walk alone.

Oh what a weekend it was. Who’s this Kevin Martin fella and what sport does he really play? Nevermind him, some guy named Tyreke Evans just showed up and all is well in Sacramento. In his first game playing alongside the great Beno Udrih, Evans posted 32 points, seven assists, two threes, a steal and 16-of-19 shooting from the free-throw line. He followed that up with a 23-point performance last night against the Warriors. The Kings are now 2-0 since the Kev-Mart injury. Kevin Martin who?

Michael Bogut beget Andrew Bogut, and Andrew Bogut be-getting better. His favorite music genres are House, Trance, Classic Rock, Pop, Croatian, and the Organ music at the Garden. He was groovin’ on Saturday to the tune of 22 points on 8-of-14 shooting, eight rebounds, four assists, one block and 6-of-6 from the line against the Knicks. When talking trash, one could say that Bogut beget the Knicks defense… son!

Joakim Noah is all smiles after his performance against the Bobcats on Saturday. He scored a career-high 21 points, pulled down 16 rebounds and blocked four shots. I dropped Tyson Chandler this past week, if you must know.

Josh Howard returned to action scoring 16 points on 5-of-12 shooting with four rebounds, two assists and three steals. I still don’t like him. What’s wrong with me?

Allen Iverson left the Grizzlies on Saturday for “personal” reasons. Eli Manning almost just threw an interception. Yeah, neither of those events really affects any of my fantasy endeavors. Although Iverson may or may not return, meaning that those dudes who happened to auto-draft Mike Conley in the 10th round should be pretty happy about that.

Channing Frye, Amar’e Stoudemire, and Grant Hill all posted big man double-doubles against the Wizards on Sunday. Steve Nash added 11 points and 17 dimes. No word on whether any snacks were hurt by Antawn Jamison after that performance.

Ben Wallace posted 16 rebounds, three steals, three blocks and the ceremonial two-point basket against the 76ers. Those of you who decided to spend your Sunday afternoon shopping instead of watching the Pistons-76ers game had a better afternoon than I did.

Oklahoma City said “oh no he didn’t” last night and b-slapped the Orlando Magic. Sure, the Magic were without Vince Carter, Ryan Anderson, and Rashard Lewis but that’s no excuse. Fun fact: heading into yesterday’s game Howard was shooting 80.5 percent from the line in the month of November (4 games, 10.3 attempts per) and left the game shooting 10-of-17. Still, not bad for the big fella.

Glad to see we got that so-called position battle figured out in Portland. Andre Miller and Steve Blake are both starting in the back-court. Miller had his “coming out” party last night with 21 points on 9-of-14 shooting. He had just three assists, but whatever, we’ll take anything we can get out of him.

Miller’s teammate Brandon Roy managed to score just TWO points. Ugh. Of the 11 Blazers who got court-time, Roy finished with the fewest points.

Nelson doesn't have the gut(s) to stick with a rotation.

I am getting sick just trying to figure out what to do with my Golden State Warriors. Last night Monta Ellis, Stephen Curry and Andris Biedrins combined for 20 points. Anthony Morrow and Anthony Randolph combined for 25 points. Whaaaa?

D.J. Mbenga with his second straight strong showing last night with 10 points, 12 rebounds and four blocks. Too bad Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum are on their way back.  But, considering Mbenga’s probably not getting many props in the blogosphere, he’s gonna get his dues here at DL&S.

As a friendly reminder, the Wizards, Pacers, Bucks and Kings all play just twice this week. Oh, and George Steinbrenner wanted me to remind you that pitchers and catchers report in 96 days.

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