Damn whines and statistics

Some quick thoughts on opening night:

How could I have five players going in one league and only one (Kobe Bryant) score in double figures? I managed to do it with Greg Oden, Rajon Rondo, Mike Miller and Luis Scola.

Luis ScolaShould we be worried about Scola? He’s playing on a bad ankle, and now I have a bad hand after repeatedly punching the wall. And what’s up with Miller doing nothing? I put him in at the last minute over a two-game Corey Maggette after Don Nelson decided to bring Maggette off the bench in favor of Ronny Turiaf. I can’t do anything right.

In the RotoExperts head to head league, I am playing fellow blogger Tom Lorenzo this week and he’s already blitzing me thanks to Gilbert Arenas, Brandon Roy, Eric Gordon and Randy Foye. Thankfully I had Andray Blatche in there, who by the way I dropped yesterday before the game. I am moronic.

Things are looking great for owners of Arenas, Andrew Bynum, Chris Kaman, Travis Outlaw and somebody named “L. James” in the Cavaliers box score I’m glancing at. Not so great for owners of Baron Davis, Scola, Jason Kidd and every player I own on every team. Can you tell I take this stuff a little too hard?

My man Nels over at Give Me the Rock smartly advises the panicky masses not to overreact in his post this morning, and he’s right. I get it. But did he start both Scola AND Miller? Walk a mile in my shoes, buddy, then you’ll be punching walls too.


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