The tracks of my tiers

Here’s my shooting guard analysis for the RotoExperts fantasy hoops draft kit. Things are fluid this time of year, and you’ll see some slight changes between this and my Top 25 SGs from last month here on this site.

It’s important to keep adjusting as news trickles out and roles are established in the preseason. And yes, make your top 25s or top 100s or whatever. But always, always tier them out. The RotoExperts tiers article above is sort of a random ranking. It’s how I prepare for most of my drafts. I put guys in groups and then find myself choosing between one or two of them at draft time based on team needs or scoring format. So don’t be so rigid. Make your rankings, but don’t be afraid to deviate.

My overbearing ogre of an editor at RotoExperts, Tom Lorenzo, also assigned power forward and center rankings to me, and they’ll be up soon.

Now we’re in October, preseason has started, and the countdown to the real games begins. Gotta love it!

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