Breaking: Blogger named Gilbert trying to break into NBA

Prior to each fantasy season, whether it be basketball or some easier, lesser fantasy sport such as football or belching, I always scan the cheat sheets for players who will be taken too low. I might not like them the best, but value is everything. If you get a team of players who got picked below where you have them in your rankings, chances are you got a good team.

So on a related note, where does Gilbert Arenas get drafted this year?

Gilbert Arenas. The mere mention of his name causes my nervous system to commence shutdown. Draft Gilbert Arenas? I’d rather french-kiss a herpes-ridden sewer rat, but…

But… reports out of Washington hint that the blogger is spry and fully-recovered from the injuries that have derailed his last too seasons. And you know what that means: value.

Arenas is a first-round fantasy talent when healthy, although to be fair the last time that happened they were still using peach baskets. In all seriousness, he dropped a 28.4 PPG – 4.6 RPG – 6.0 APG – 2.8 3FG -1.9 SPG stat line in 74 games in 2006-07, but then went on to play in 15 games the last two years. Can you get Arenas in the fifth round? Sixth? Later? With those numbers, isn’t it worth trying?

Certainly his injury history is a major red flag, and the Wizards added Randy Foye and Mike Miller to what is all-of-a-sudden a pretty deep team. Think of it this way: everyone is going to get a good player in the first three or four rounds without even trying very hard. You have to hit a few home runs after that to have a chance to win your league. And since you’ll be reading Damn Lies & Statistics leading up to your draft and during the season, you are going to be flush with so much knowledge that you can afford to take a chance on a player like Arenas. I’m a big believer that anyone confident in their abilities to find good bargains in the middle to late rounds can burn a few picks on the high-risk, high-reward guys, even if those heartbreakers have spent more time blogging than playing in the last two years.


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