Andre Miller to Portland: fantasy implications

Andre Miller has a new home: Portland. Interesting, because it looks like the Blazers were bidding against themselves with this one. Was anyone else offering more than a year at the mid-level exception? Miller got three years and $22 million from a team that had missed out on a few of their top targets and wanted to use some money they had saved. Mission accomplished, but will Portland be better?

Miller gives them a solid point guard with toughness and forms a sturdy backcourt with Brandon Roy. From a fantasy perspective, Steve Blake is crushed, Miller probably doesn’t improve his own stock, and we all need to move Louis Williams way up our cheat sheets.

Williams isn’t a true point but he’s going to have to play one on TV.  Rookie Jrue Holliday is the only real PG left on Philly’s roster barring any other moves. Holliday is probably a year or more away from making any kind of impact offensively, so Williams will get the ball in his hands from the get-go. Andre Iguodala just added an assist or two to his season average.

The tumultuous NBA offseason continues. Did the Blazers get better today? Hmm. I don’t see a lot of three-point shooting in that starting five, but what was once a team of kids grew up a bit today. Nate McMillan has his hands full trying to find minutes for Miller, Blake, Rudy Fernandez, Jerryd Bayless, Nicolas Batum and Travis Outlaw. Even if that all goes smoothly, I suspect this team will go only as far as Greg Oden has grown as a player. It will be interesting to watch. This is an exciting team with a good blend of youth and savvy. But McMillan is in a tough spot. Bayless and Fernandez cannot be thrilled with these latest developments.


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