Damn Lies & Statistics, a primer

Welcome to Damn Lies & Statistics, a blog that dares to be unapologetic about a love for the NBA and its weird inhabitants therein. Jeff Andriesse and Tom Lorenzo are two rather silly fellows with rather serious fantasy basketball addictions. Their columns at RotoExperts.com, Tom’s “Moving Without the Ball” and Jeff’s “Team Building Exercises”, were both syndicated on Yahoo! last season. Millions flock to the humble duo for their awesome, near-perfect advice.

After bearing witness to an NBA playoffs, draft and free agency period of serious drama and fluctuation this summer, Jeff and Tom decided they could use a place to supplement their RotoExperts coverage, muse on current events, and come up with interesting ways to talk fantasy hoops, year-round, outside the confines of a specific column topic.

Fantasy basketball is still somewhat of a niche game, and while it will never reach the masses enjoyed by football or even baseball, the authors who will contribute to this blog will always consider it the best of the lot. Basketball has it all: stats that have the least to do with luck than any other sport, yet a game that fantasy geeks can’t flourish in without engagement. If you aren’t watching the games, I don’t care what numbers you throw at me. In short: you gotta know your expletive deleted.

Yet there’s another factor involved that we embrace whole-heartedly: the entertainment value. We love fantasy sports, and we love basketball, but most of all we love dramedy. There’s no better place for that than the NBA. The laughter, the tears, the intensity. The lies, damn lies and statistics.

Welcome to the site. Pass it on.

Jeff & Tom


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